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Mahaux Photography




With more than six decades of experience, Mahaux Photography Studio offers its clients expertise developed over several generations of photographers.
We can precisely capture the essence of your products. We collaborate with a large range of partners all over the world. We have kept evolvingwith our customers’ swarming ideas and remain a driving force when building new projects.
We are particularly receptive to the latest technological innovations, and the equipment weuse is constantly kept up-to-date. Consequently, Mahaux Studio is 100% run on green energy.
We are skilled in all photographic techniques and therefore we can operate in all fields of industry including advertising, fashion, portraits
Our studio and its flexible team offer a range of experts who are all particularly competent in their specific fields: stylists, retouchers, make-up professionals, assistants. You can rely on a multidisciplinary team ready to produce quality custom work.
Through its many collaborations Mahaux Studio cantoday assist you in capturing your ideas and in sharing a common goal for achieving great results.
The shots exclusively taken by Benoît Mahauxhimself are guaranteed to be of the highest and most homogeneous quality.


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